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Paint by Numbers



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Another addition to the range of images displaying all the wonderful places in our country.  The West Coast has it's own magic and the little town of Paternoster, with its white washed Fishermen's Cottages, boulders and long beaches have stolen many a heart.  It is one of the oldest fishing villages on the west coast of South Africa, but the town is hardly the same as when it started out.  In 1902 it already had a full blown lobster factory, canning and exporting lobster to Europe.  People were mainly dependent on the ocean.

Today it still has a thriving fish and seafood industry, but it is a mainly a popular holiday destination and home to a few very famous restaurants.  The views, seafood, shops and theatre all add to a wonderful small town experience.  These fishing boats on the beach is quite characteristic of the town.  

There are two theories as to the origins of the name Paternoster

  • Theory number one is a little ho-hum – that the name is derived from a kind of fishing tackle that originated here.
  • Theory number two is rather more dramatic…legend has it that many years ago a Portuguese vessel was shipwrecked off that stretch of coast and the survivors said the Lord’s Prayer / Our Father (Paternoster) in thanks for their deliverance from a potential watery grave.

Wherever the name may be from, this little town is a wonderful spot on the west coast of South Africa and this 40 x 50cm canvas is a wonderfully familiar view of the beach there.  It has 26 colours and is not too challenging.




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Paint by Numbers

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