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Paint by Numbers

Miss Wong

Miss Wong

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'Tretchikoff revolutionised the art world by making his art accessible to the masses.  His philosophy was rooted in the belief that art should not be confined to elite circles or the walls of prestigious galleries, but should be available to everyone.

Vladimir Tretchikoff, born in 1913, was a self-taught artist whose distinctive style captured the hearts of millions. His work, characterized by its vivid colours and dramatic themes, offers a visual feast that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Despite facing criticism, he remained committed to his vision, creating art for the people.'

It is in this spirit that we created versions of these beautiful Tretchkoff paintings, making it possible for an even wider audience to enjoy his artwork and recreate their own.  His vibrant and bold compositions and his embrace of popular culture align seamlessly with the paint by numbers approach.  Now you can create your own visually striking masterpiece, using his work as inspiration and our canvas as a guideline.

Miss Wong was painted in the early 1950' in Cape Town.  The lady who is now world famous as Miss Wong, who's name is Valerie, was walking in Camp's Bay when Vladimir Tretchikoff saw her and asked if he could paint her portrait, according to her son, Wayne Young.

'This signature piece by Tretchikoff encapsulates the artist’s fascination with the East and is celebrated for its striking characterisation and rich tonal range. The portrait depicts a young Chinese woman, Miss Wong, in an arresting pose, her gaze conveying a subtle strength and an air of inscrutable mystery. Tretchikoff’s distinct use of vibrant colours and meticulous detail evokes an intense sense of realism, inviting viewers into Miss Wong’s world.'

Our 40 x 50cm version of his striking and beautiful painting is fairly challenging and has 33 colours.  Each box contains a stretched, printed and numbered canvas, paint, brushes and a page detailing the numbers for an extra reference.

The Fantastical Miss Wong (Pty) Ltd © 2024 under license

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Paint by Numbers

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