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Paint by Numbers

Fruits of Bali

Fruits of Bali

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'Tretchikoff revolutionised the art world by making his art accessible to the masses.  His philosophy was rooted in the belief that art should not be confined to elite circles or the walls of prestigious galleries, but should be available to everyone.

Vladimir Tretchikoff, born in 1913, was a self-taught artist whose distinctive style captured the hearts of millions. His work, characterized by its vivid colours and dramatic themes, offers a visual feast that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Despite facing criticism, he remained committed to his vision, creating art for the people.'

It is in this spirit that we created versions of these beautiful Tretchkoff paintings, making it possible for an even wider audience to enjoy his artwork and recreate their own.  His vibrant and bold compositions and his embrace of popular culture align seamlessly with the paint by numbers approach.  Now you can create your own visually striking masterpiece, using his work as inspiration and our canvas as a guideline.

'The vibrant painting depicts a South African woman dressed in Southeast Asian attire, carrying a large bowl of tropical fruit. The vivid palette accentuates the sensual exoticism of the work; the colours are jewel-like, lending the painting an almost iridescent quality.

Tretchikoff's love affair with the Far East begun when his family relocated from Russia to China shortly after the Revolution of 1917. He spent the early 1930s in Shanghai, before moving to Singapore in 1935. However, the real inspiration for this portrait came from his experience as a prisoner of war in the Second World War. Tretchikoff was evacuated when Japan invaded Singapore in 1942. However, his boat was sunk and he was forced to row for 21 days to Java, where he was interned by Japanese forces. Fortunately, Tretchikoff was released after a few months and he spent the rest of the war in Jakarta, painting. The piece stands as a vibrant exploration of the wonders of nature, presented through the unique lens of one of the 20th century’s most popular artists.'

'It is difficult to ascertain precisely when Fruits of Bali was painted. However, the portrait was certainly executed before 1960, as it was lauded as one of the highlights of Tretchikoff's exhibition at Harrods in London in 1961.'

Our 40 x 50cm version of his striking and beautiful painting is fairly challenging and has 33 colours.  Each box contains a stretched, printed and numbered canvas, paint, brushes and a page detailing the numbers for an extra reference.

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