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Paint by Numbers



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It is said that a buffalo look at you as if you owe them money, and I feel this is quite an adequate description for their fierce stares.  The African Buffalo is one of the Big 5 and definitely one to be respected.  The buffalo can create quite a dramatic image and looking them in the eye, like on this image can be make you very aware of its immense power.  Their sheer strength and size is something to behold.  

They are grazers and can have quite a significant influence on the veld, changing long grasslands into short grassy environments conducive to other browsers with more selective feeding habits.

They are normally encountered in large herds in the Kruger Park, but there are also smaller herds in the Eastern Cape.

This image also features the ever present Oxpecker bird.  This bird grazes exclusively on the backs of large mammals and can normally always be seen when you spot Buffalo, Zebras, Giraffes, Impala or the like.  They eat small insects, ticks and some parasites off their backs, benefiting both the bird and mammal.

This striking images is 30 x 40cm and not too difficult with its 20 colours.  Each box contains a stretched, printed and numbered canvas, paint, brushes and a page detailing the numbers for an extra reference.




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Paint by Numbers

Create with confidence and let your inner artist shine!