Benefits of Paint by Numbers

Here is a great video showing describing some benefits:


We are excited that you are joining us in discovering all the many benefits of Paint by Numbers.  Number by number, piece by piece, watch as your masterpiece unfolds as you follow the easy guidelines.  Whether you are a seasoned artist or you just need to unwind with some therapeutic painting, our paint by number kits are perfect for you.

Personally, I found it to be a great introduction to painting.  There is no pressure to think of something profound to paint, you can just follow the guidelines and instead focus on getting comfortable with a brush in your hand.  It is a relaxing way to spend time, and you end up getting a lot more out of it than a painted canvas.  Once you are more comfortable with painting, you also get more comfortable exploring your own creativity.  Who knows, you might just discover a Picasso hiding inside of you! 

  • No experience needed, great for all skill levels.  It is a great art activity for creatives and non-creatives alike.
  • Paint by Numbers has no blending, so you learn about 'colour construction' of images.
  • Can help to reduce screen time for both kids and adults.
  • It is an easy and quick way to get yourself doing something creative and relieve stress.  All-in-one kits makes it literally as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • You have to sit still and focus on one thing, which is useful for increasing your concentration span.
  • Doing something with your hands is relaxing, clears your head and can reduce anxiety.
  • This can increase your patience!  Trust me, some of the complicated canvasses take a lot of patience and determination.
  • It is a fun and creative way of spending time, and you create something you can proudly display on your wall.
  • They make great gifts.

There are many more, but I am going to let you find them out for yourself once you start painting!


Here is a great video showing describing some benefits: